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As we all are aware of the Global Services Location Index (GSLI) by AT Kearney which came last year, which mentioned India as the first choice of global companies outsourcing their BPO requirements. There were three main parameters under which India toped. According to a survey of this year, India is a favored chat support outsourcing destination of more than 80% of the companies in the USA. The availability of skillful people, business environment, and financial attractiveness makes India the top choice when it comes to the biggest destination for outsourcing the chat support. Let us see which are the other countries preferred as chat support outsourcing destinations:

  1. India: When it comes to chatting support, India is full of talent and outsourcing to India is an affordable deal. The services delivered by Indians are of good quality because of the fine education system. In India, there are educated people looking for employment. Right from the top managers to the people working on lower positions, there is a pool of talent which is easily available at affordable rates. That makes it a great value for quality services. In India it is easy to find people who can speak and write English and these days, even the small cities are coming up with manpower which is dedicated, focused and well suited for the task of chat support. The time zone of India is ahead of Europe and America, which gives an opportunity of having the work done even before the day starts. Another plus point is it is way too convenient to set up 24×7 Chat support. India also offers a healthy business environment because the government is stable and there are plenty of tax benefits which are in support of companies outsourcing their operations.
  2. Argentina: After India, Argentina is favored for chat support outsourcing. The reason is the availability of cheap labor. Many UK based companies having a tight budget go in for Argentina. The educated labor pool of this place is quite large and they are technically sound plus they are ready to offer their chat support services at a really affordable rate. Argentina developed the high-tech labors during the technology boom which happened in the nineties. It became the choice of the internet based start-up companies by offering their services. The culture of Argentina is similar to the west and this is one benefit. Apart from that, the availability of office space is easily available here. Telecom network is perfect however, the government offers no or little support for outsourcing business. Their economy is not stable and they are fighting with inflation and debts.
  3. China: China is fetching popularity as one of the top outsourcing destinations in the world with its developing IT sector. Just like India, the cost of labor is cheap and they offer an outstanding supply of resources for BPO. Most of the people working in the IT sector are multi-lingual, they have the knowledge of Chinese and Japanese. So, that makes it a great choice for western companies having the client base from the Asian region.  However, there are various spaces, where outsourcing to China can be a troublesome job. Chinese people are away from the Western time zone and that hampers the effective communication. Also, their command over the English language cannot satisfy the customers from the west.
  4. Egypt: Availability of skilled workforce has made Egypt a home to the chat support outsourcing requirements of the West. Egypt has the biggest talent pool in the entire Middle East. Many multinational companies including some outsourcing bigwigs from India have set up their centers in the cities of Egypt. Well known for the promising young talents, the workforce from Egypt is multilingual and the cost of services is less. Also, the government of Egypt supports outsourcing business and offers tax incentives for the projects related to outsourcing.
  5. Philippines: South Asian countries are blooming as the favorite chat support outsourcing destinations and the Philippines is one of the countries which is growing at a speedy rate. Availability of cheap labor and low cost of telecoms makes the Philippines a strong base for chat support outsourcing. There is an easy availability of people who are sound with IT plus they have good command over written and spoken English. Also, the culture of the place has a cultural affinity with the US and that makes the task of handling the customers easy. Companies looking for low-level maintenance and cost-effective chat support head for the Philippines.

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